I’ve moved everything to benedictseal.com

Seeing as I’ve invested in the domain name, I thought I might as well move everything over to the blog on benedictseal.com.

So, from now on, all my new posts will skip The Murmur and instead be published directly to benedictseal.com.

It’ll be great to see you there, if you fancy following me over!

The New Blog

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FRIGHTFEST 2016: Realive Review

a clinical new-Frankenstein tale on the surface, but the moving central romance provides the film’s beating heart.
My FrightFest review of Realive is now live over at Bloody Disgusting:


FRIGHTFEST 2016: Broken Review

intelligent and empathetic, asking questions of the audience, as opposed to passing judgement on its characters

My FrightFest review of Broken is now live over at Bloody Disgusting: